History of the Constance Sparkassen-Building

Where now hotel, business and gastronomy are situated, there once was the center of the postal sector.

In 1885 the „Reichs“postal administration bought the property, almost 3200 square meters and built their headquarters there. The reason for the building was lack of space in the former headquarters of the “Reichs”post where already at the beginning of 1880 the place was getting to small for the so rapidly growing administration. It took 4 years to finish the building in its full splendor and is to this day marking the cityscape of Constance.  

The architecture is holding various secrets with the many details that are taken from the Greek mythology. You can for example see the Greek goddess Neptun, known as the goddess of fresh water and the sea, a post goddess and angles telephoning.

Triangle friezes on the roof of the main portal and towards the town square “Marktstätte” show the communication routes, industry and commerce. Above the windows 5 heads are placed, which are meant to stand for the five continents, symbolizing that the “Reichs”post was a powerful appearance as a nationally and globally uniting institution.

In the course of the years the working processes of the postal sector changed and modern technic has more and more overtaken. The post building therefor had to be re-organized because it had again come to space problems. The first reconstruction of the building was between 1985 and 1989 and because of the high investments of 44,6 million Mark was considered the biggest construction site in Baden-Württemberg (the county, in which Constance is located).

The new glory of the main post office though didn´t last long, only almost 8 years after the reconstruction of the building it was sold to the Sparkasse, a local savings bank. One of the reasons are the permanently changing tasks and responsibilities of the postal sector, that eventually lead to a space surplus.

Along with the sale to the Sparkasse Bodensee (saving bank Lake of Constance) came another big reconstruction. All together twelve engineering offices and over 100 craft businesses were involved. The costs of the 4 years duration of the reconstruction accumulated to about 67 million Mark. Within these constructions the historic building was enhanced by a modern glascube and had from there on its new main entrance in the inner

A further investment followed in 2018. The Sparkasse Bodensee put about 20 million Euro in the third reconstruction of the building and is since renting the space to restaurants, shops and the Parkhotel Halm Konstanz GmbH.